Fall Into Fantasy 2017 Edition

We are pleased to announce the lineup for our Fall Into Fantasy Anthology, 2017 Edition. Be it print, or ebook, you will find these great authors within the pages of our first short story collection.

We invite you to click on each author to see more details about them.

David Pauly - "Boffin the Listener"
Andrew Sweetapple - "Today's Gift, Tomorrow's Curse"
Susan Marcus - "Kitchen Magic"
Tony Conaway - "Care of Laborers' Local Union No. 147"
Sandra Unerman - "Gammer Lobstone"
Frank Roger - "Variant Readings"
Art Lasky - "The Fairy's Tale IV"
Molly Neely - "Six Degrees of Zombie Separation"
Shane Porteous - "They'd Be An Army In Autumn"
Mark Easterday - "Gbahali"
Linda M. Crate - "Child of the Roses"
Anne E. Johnson - "Hot and Cold Running Magic"
Jack E. Mohr - "Dodson"

For our Fall Into Fantasy, 2017 edition, we have some great giveaways from two of our authors. Molly Neely has agreed to send out two signed copies of her novel, "The Sand Dweller ". One copy will go to someone who preorders Fall Into Fantasy 2017, and emails a copy/picture of the receipt to AMF@cloakedpress.com   You can check out a review of "The Sand Dweller" written by myself, over on my blog by clicking HERE .  The second copy will go to someone on our mailing list, so increase your odds and join today if you haven't already.

Anne E. Johnson has also decided to give a copy of her ebook, " The Orpheus Factor - 6 Science Fiction Stories ". This will go to one lucky person who likes and shares our release post from our Facebook or Twitter accounts within the first 48 hours of launch (September 21st, 2017), Be sure to like and follow both accounts so you can get in on the giveaway.

Without further ado, here is our cover for the Fall Into Fantasy, 2017 Edition, design by Steger Productions